Air Gateway Travel and Tourist Agnecy (AGT) is an Agency established to provide complete travel packages to International and local travelers. We have well experienced staff to take care of your travel and local and international tour needs properly. We are available to provide assistance on 24/7 basis.

Our Services

We take care of your air travel, land traveling/transportation to any destination in the world with great care and quality. We also provide hotel reservation services all over the world. Moreover, we provide legal advice and legal assistance in getting relevant visas for your planned future trips to different countries. The list of our services doesn't end here because we also have special travel insurance, air ambulance and tour packages to Turkey, Europe, Russia and Ukraine. For more information on our services please read under “Our Service”.

Our Goals

AGT came into existence to provide total travel solution to travelers traveling by air/land internationally and locally in Afghanistan. We believe in performance and profiting less in business as we can get more business from you if we could make you a permanent client of AGT based on our quality services and our comparatively reasonable costs. AGT is not only a source of income for its partners but it is a way they can be proud by providing something different, better, reliable and special as travel agents to the travelers as a for profit company.


Please follow our facebook page (facebook.com/airgateway.af) in order to get updated out most updated offers and deals. 

We are proud to inform tourists that we provide tour services to Dubai, Turkey, Russia, Ukraine, Egypt, Europe, Croatia and Afghanistan. Please have a look at the following tour packages and get back to us with an inquiry.
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